Slides available at http://bit.ly/phd-seminar

This work is released under Creative Commons

Why interactive graphics?

  • Why interactive graphics for presentation?
  • Why interactive graphics for exploration?

Why interactive graphics on the web?

  • Portable (i.e., cross-platform)
  • Simple to share
  • Encourages composability (i.e., reports, dashboards, etc)
  • Enables integration of multiple systems (1 + 1 > 2)

The problem with web graphics for data analytics

  • Great for conveying information (viz is known), but impractical for exploration (viz is unknown).

  • The reality: analysts have to learn/juggle many technologies.
  • My goal: An R interface that makes 80% of techniques seamless, quick, and easy (w/o knowledge of web technology).
  • My contribution: Designed and implemented a linked brushing framework.

Implemented as an R package